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Are you with us ? Sustainable Packaging / Shipping

Going plastic-free isn't the end to the road or the goal. Sustainable living is.
We have worked on creating plastic-free packaging & shipping options for all our handcrafted skincare makes. One way we achieve that is by having had replaced courier covers with our cardboard boxes. Read our blog here to know more about how we have eliminated plastic from our packaging.
But the real question is- Are cardboard boxes eco-friendly? Also is going eco-friendly/plastic-free good enough? Read our blog, "Why eco-friendly / plastic-free isn't good enough" to know more.
Even though we have completely eliminated plastic packaging from our secondary and tertiary packaging there is a lot of carbon footprint we leave with our cardboard boxes and with respect to the shipping of your orders.
Here is how you can support us to reduce the carbon footprint we leave on our planet:
  1. Opt for sustainable packaging options: All of our handcrafted goods have an option of sustainable packaging. Please opt for sustainable packaging options over the regular packaging option.
  2. Bulk Purchase: Shipping goods via courier every time leaves a huge amount of carbon footprint with respect to the packing and energy/resources used for shipping. Opt amongst the multiple bulk purchasing options that we have for our handcrafted skincare goods and plan your order wisely before making completing the purchase.
  3. Things to take care of post the receipt of shipment: Please carefully open our cardboard boxes so that they can be reused. Thoughtfully dispose of the boxes: Either you can reuse it or hand it over to your local "Raddi wala's" where other companies like us can pick it up.
Why we don't arrange for pickup of our cardboard boxes? Picking up our cardboard boxes again requires energy and leaves a significant amount of carbon footprint that can be eliminated.
And let's get real about Recycling & Reusing here. It ain't always a pretty sight. Here is how a few of our recycled cardboard boxes look like.
Imperfect but guilt-free. Are you with us?


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