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Is plastic free packaging / shipping possible ? Here is how we do it.

Plastic Free July is here and so is our plastic-free packaging and shipping.
We have been on a beta mode with testing our plastic-free packaging/shipping alternative with our past few customers of handcrafted skincare and with their support and feedback we have now rolled out our plastic-free packaging/shipping for our handcrafted skincare range.

We haven't been able to eliminate plastic from our entire handcrafted skincare range but we are working on eliminating the same one segment at a time. We now pack & ship all our handcrafted skincare goods in plastic-free secondary & tertiary packaging.

Here is how we have eliminated plastic from our secondary and tertiary packaging:

Secondary Packaging:

  1. We have opted for eco-friendly bio-degradable cardboard boxes instead of plastic boxes and glass jars instead of plastic jars.
  2. Our labels are printed on paper. We make sure to use labels that aren't laminated unlike most of the labels and use plain paper labels.

Tertiary Packaging:

  1. We have eliminated courier covers and replaced them with corrugated cardboard boxes.
  2. Bubble wraps aren't fun. We do not use bubble wraps and instead use hay to give extra cushioning to our products for the purposes of shipping.
  3. We have replaced our plastic tapes with paper tapes and our shipping labels are attached using plant-based gums.

We are constantly working on eliminating plastic from our very sourcing of raw materials to processing to packing our finished product. It's a long road and it ain't an easy one. Brace yourself for what is about to come because we have just begun.

P.S. We ain't perfect and we don't know it all. We would love your comments on how we can work together to win this battle.

P.P.S. Our cold-process soaps and other handcrafted skincare products to be launched come in end to end plastic-free packaging.



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