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Why we ship via surface mode

Shipping/ logistics services can make/break any business. There are two ways any e-commerce business sends out their shipments.
  1. Via Air Mode (Shipments via Air)
  2. Via Surface Mode (Shipments via road)
Shipments via air mode reach 3-4 days within date of shipping depending on the distance from our warehouse in Salem, Tamilnadu. Whereas all shipments via surface mode take 3-10 days to deliver depending on the distance from our warehouse in Salem, Tamilnadu.
All orders with Cosmetic Junction are shipped via surface mode. This is mainly because of two major reasons:
  1. Legal Reason: Most of our goods like Essential oils, Fragrance oils, Cosmetic Chemicals,etc. are extremely volatile and inflammable in nature and are in liquid form. Owing to the nature of the goods they are prohibited by most transport agencies including India Post, Fedex, Blue Dart, etc., to be shipped via air mode as they are extremely dangerous.
  2. Cost: Shipping via air mode costs from Rs.80-100/Kg. Since most of our customers are into making handcrafted skincare we understand the need to procure quality raw materials at the cheapest possible rates. Hence we choose to ship via Surface mode to keep the shipping cost at minimum.
Please Note: We don't ship our goods via air mode even on payment of additional charges owing to the nature of goods.
We request all our customers to plan their order well in advance of their requirement and place an order accordingly. To help you understand our shipping rates better and to plan your order to get utmost benefit out of your shipping cost please read our article: Plan your order.


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