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Sulfate Free Facewash Liquid Soap Base(Suspending),  Cosmetic Junction

Sulfate Free Facewash Liquid Soap Base(Suspending)

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Sugar & Amino Acid Based sulfate-free suspending face wash base.

Ingredients: Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Alkyl Polyglucosides, Glycerin, Carbomer, Water, Sodium Benzoate.


1. Take the liquid base in a vessel. Fill the vessel slowly with the liquid base so that minimum foam formation takes place. Fill only half the volume of the vessel with the liquid base. The higher the volume of liquid in the vessel, the more will be stirring do dissolve the below ingredients resulting in more foam formation making it more time for the base to become clear and free from bubbles.

2. Now add fragrance (up to 1%), color and beads or herbs to be suspended together in the base.

3. Mix the ingredients very slowly in the base until the ingredients are uniformly spread. Make sure that minimum bubbles or foam is formed during stirring.

4. Note that the greater the foam formed during stirring, the longer will be the time for the facewash base to become clear.

5. After mixing all the ingredients, pour it into the bottle slowly.

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