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Melt & Pour Liquid Soap Colour (FDA Approved) - Naturally Derived,  Cosmetic Junction

Green Melt & Pour Liquid Soap Colour (Naturally Derived)

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Try out our naturally derived liquid soap colours designed for Melt & Pour Soaps. Our Melt and Pour soap colours are easily soluble in melt and pour soap bases. 

Red-(Beetroot Powder,Alkanet Root Powder)

Yellow-(Arrowroot Powder,Turmeric)

Orange-(Turmeric, Annatto Powder)

Blue-(Azulene oil,Indigofera Tinctoria,Blue Chamomile Oil)

Green-(Chlorophyll, Spirulina Powder)

Pink-(Madder Root Powder)

100ml can last for about 200 soaps approximately.

Works well in bases with pH 7.8~8. If the pH of the base is lower the colours can fade with time.

Dispatch in: 1-2 working days

Note: Colours in images are meant for reference purposes if mixed in a white soap base. The actual output may vary depending on usage and in transparent soap bases.

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