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Copper Oxide Red (Pottery Colourant)

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Colourants can be added to glazes to get the desired coloured effects. Unlike stains, colourants react differently in each firing. A wide spectrum of colours can be achieved by mixing them with other colourants, opacifiers & stains.

Name: Copper Oxide (Cu2O)

    Appearance Colour: Pinkish Red

    Form: Powder, Inorganic Compound

    Recommended Usage:

    • In Slips: 2%-8%
    • In Glazes: <5%

    If concentrations above 5% are used, glazes often change to a metallic pewter/black.

    Output Colour: Shades of green in oxidation and red in reduction firings.

    Stability: Relatively stable in comparison to other colourants & opacifiers

    Additional Information: Red copper oxide (Cu2O) is a reddish powder that is a reduced form of black copper oxide that produced by heat-treating the black form. Red copper oxide has a low solubility in water and beads up at the surface of a solution, which makes it difficult to work with at times.

    Caution: In its powdered form, red copper oxide is harmful if swallowed and a potential skin and respiratory tract irritant. Please use protective coverings when handling this substance.

    Note: Owing to the nature of ceramic making process and the varied combinations of elements, we request the user to always test their formulations before bulk production/purchase. It is for the user to satisfy that the product meets their requirements.


    • 100gms, 250gms, 500gms & 1Kg: Stand-up pouch with zip lock (Inner non-reactive lining)
    • 5Kgs: Plastic Cover

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